Thursday, August 21, 2008

More New Photos

Holly is my new best friend!!! Today when I opened my email there were some more new photos of The Princess lying in her crib. They are below. For my feelings and thoughts for today's photos, visit my other blog. Holly's son is in this room as well. If I understand correctly, they are "next door crib neighbors".

Soon, little Ms. Ellie. I'll be there, soon -- 50 days.

Monday, August 18, 2008

New Photo!!

With much appreciation and thanks to Holly who is currently in Kyrgyzstan meeting her son, I have a new photo of "The Princess". In all her glory, here she is:

I think she might have been moved to the "bigger" baby room because this is most definitely not the configuration of the room that she was in when she was in the tiny baby room. Another mom said this looks like the bigger baby room. I think they get moved there when they are 10 pounds, so that would be a blessing to know that she has grown more. She looks bigger to me. Every time I see a new photo of her I have to stare and compare with other photos of her to make sure it is her. She changes so much, but her sweet little lips always are a give away.

My heart longs to be there to get her. I visualize going back to the orphanage and getting her and never having to let her go again. I can imagine the car ride back to the hotel where I hold her and just stare at her, trying to memorize all her features and every sight, smell and sound of this event so I can tell her about it in years to come. I visualize getting off the plane in Nashville to family and friends who have waited so long with us for this day and the celebration we will have knowing that Ellie is finally home. Thank goodness my friend Jennifer is going so that I will have someone to capture the photos and videos for me and help me remember it all because I will be absolutely worthless. Kevin was the one who did that for us last time.

I can't wait to show Joshua when I get him from school today.

Soon, baby girl -- 53 days.

Monday, August 11, 2008

It's Official - she is our daughter!!!

After three long (repeat LONG) years of waiting for the child that God called us to adopt, we are so happy to report that Ellie Aimana Lois Elisabeth Latham cleared the court system in Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan and has become our daughter. So very, very exciting for us!!!

We are told to expect to return for pick up of our daughter on 10/12 (pick up on 10/14). I continue to visualize leaving the orphanage with her. It's so overwhelming for me to think of!!! It just seems like it's not real. My mom and I have both agreed that it just doesn't seem real yet. I get moments of unbelievable giddiness followed by amazing wonder and fear of it all!!!

Thank you to SO MANY who have supported us/carried us through this journey: family, old friends, new friends, friends we've never met in person, but know so well online. We would not have wanted to make this journey without you. I'm so glad that God put us together as a family: Kevin, me, Josh and Ellie. What a grand adventure we are all going to have!!

Blessings and many, many thanks to God -- the giver of all things.