Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Photos

My "online friend" Suzanne was just in Tokmok visiting her sweet little pumpkin and was able to get a couple of new photos of The Princess. Many people have asked why I haven't posted them. Read on the next post and you'll understand why. I've been busy with many things, including Josh's surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids, along with working on adoption related things and trying to keep up with my regular work. So.... without delay, here is The Princess, now fondly known at our house as "Chipmunk Jaws". Isn't she the most beautiful baby girl you've ever seen?? Suzanne's notes say that she is growing and that she is eating well. Well, we can see that in these photos, can't we?


Jackie S said...

She certainly looks like she is growing nicely, Maria. Sending good thoughts that you hear something soon :)

Hugs, Jackie

Margaret & Tom said...

She is just precious! I love her hat, and I can tell she is growing! Yeah for new pictures, that helps make the wait more bearable for least a little bit.

Ivy Lee said...

Yep, very cute chipmunk jaws indeed. I am hoping you get her home soon!